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IQ-Kitchen proud to be a partner of the best home aplliannce brands from all the world. Our professional staff could help to find the best solution for your kitchen depends on the way of your life. How often you cook, what kind of cuisine you prefer, how many people in your family, do you have kids. We care about all you needs: design, draw, delivery, installation and service.

Irinox is renowned throughout the world as a company specialising in the production of blast chillers and shock freezers.
As a pioneer in developing the concepts of blast chilling and high quality storage for the foodservice, confectionery and ice-cream sectors, Irinox has always believed in continuous research and improvement of food storage technology.
Kuppersbucsh has been innovating in the kitchen for over 145 years, always guaranteeing incomparable quality and durability, through the most careful and demanding production process.
Festivo is an authentic Finnish product. Suomen Festikylmiö Oy, founded in 1994, is the manufacturer of every Festivo refrigeration appliance. The Festivo logo on the front panel of your refrigeration unit is a promise of Finnish quality, which is the result of decades of experience, strong materials and structures and solutions that have been found to work over time.
Maximum possible benefits for our customers: This has been our aim for over 40 years now.
It all began with the idea of combining steam and convection into a single appliance. In 1976, we therefore developed our first combi-steamer and have since been constantly working on continuously improving it.
Steel story is a family story. It starts in 1922 when Angelo Po, set up his original company and his craftsman-ship in stainless steel helped in producing the first hand made stoves and later, the production of high quality appliances for restaurants. In 1999 the third generation decided to set up a new activity according to the ways of its grandfather. Today Steel produces a wide range of stainless steel range cookers with high end functionalities: Steel designs ideas and realizes solutions.
With the DRYAGER Dry Aging fridge a device has been created that allows everyone to produce their own Dry Aged meats. At home, in a shop or restaurant. Wherever you want to. The DRYAGER cabinet is safe, flexible and incredibly easy to use. 100% Made in Germany.
In 1943 the first freestanding freezer was built out of scrap metal by hand. Inspired by the first owner Westye Bakke desire to build the best, Sub-Zero has never compromised on quality. The materials, premium grade; the technologies, state of the art; the craftsmanship, of the caliber expected in the world’s finest homes.
Angelo Po
Angelo Po, a company with nearly 100 years of history behind it, is market leader in the design and production of complete systems for the catering industry worldwide. From horizontal and vertical cooking lines to food storage systems, the company delivers solutions of superior quality that anticipate the most innovative trends to help chefs achieve outstanding performances.
Refrigeration and freezing equipment from Liebherr has had the mark of quality, reliability and longevity for decades. Thanks to innovative technologies and high quality materials, our equipment is particularly convenient and energy-efficient. 
ASKO is inspired by Scandinavia. Part of this inspiration comes from our heritage – the landscapes and conditions we come from, and the region's historical reputation for functional design and long-lasting, reliable equipment.
Since 1877 we're on a mission. We set out to develop ideas which are exactly what enthusiastic cooks are looking for. Discover some of our highlights from features to recipes and stories that are made to inspire your kitchen creativity.

Our services
  • Project development
    Design, measurements, drawings, estimate. Collaboration with furniture and construction partners. Perfect implementation of your dreams.
  • Appliance selection
    Whether you just need a refrigerator or a fully equipped kitchen, our wide range of flagship brands or well-known and popular appliances offers a solution for any project.
  • Assembling and service
    Certified specialists will undertake the installation and full maintenance of the appliances.
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